Jan. 18th, 2011

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I'm psyched for trying out my prompt this afternoon! It should be interesting! I don't know where I'm going with it, but it should be cool.
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A baby's first steps are the true first steps on the path of life. Stumbling along and tumbling down are important in learning how to get up and keep going. Children are magical in many ways, not least of which is that they're just learning about pain--so they don't fear things the way adults do. Children also find magic, many times, in the journey itself--unlike adults, who are impatient for the journey to be over so they can get to their destination.

Often times, the first steps on a journey are the most important. They set the tone, the pace, the way you're going to go. You don't go east to go west, unless you're on a particularly wavy interstate. That's why it was so unexpected that Jason's descent into Atlantis started with a hot-air balloon ride.

The day was cool and clear, and the balloon ride was going well. Jason was a professional hot-air balloonist. He enjoyed the quiet and calm of the heights of the sky, being out in it alone and without enclosures or straps. The danger was very real, and it exhilarated him.

He saw a storm coming on the edge of the sky and started his descent. Before he could reach the ground, however, the storm overtook him, and he was swept up into the sky once more.

"This must be what the Wizard of Oz felt like on his trip to Oz," he muttered to himself with a wild laugh. He wasn't really scared, mostly exhilarated. He wasn't sure what was going to happen to him, but it was something thrilling and wonderful. Jason was tired of his mundane life. This was the start of a new adventure, and he was ready for it.

He slumped down in the balloon for his safety, and rode out the storm. There were a few scary moments when lightning nearly hit the balloon, but he mostly just zoned out and watched the rain. When the balloon started to dip, as the storm abated, he peeked out of the top and looked around.

He was nowhere he'd ever been before. Instead of the middle of Utah, he was near a beautiful, man-made island. It was a perfect circle with three concentric rings of land separated by canals. He recognized the description immediately, being well-versed in Greek myth. Atlantis!

He gaped as he watched the mythical land come closer. Such a beautiful place! The temple at the very center, dedicated to Poseidon, glimmered with gold in the dying sunlight as it grew larger in front of him. He landed in the third circle with a bump, and was quickly surrounded by curious people dressed in Greek tunics. One man stepped forward, dressed in a white tunic with a purple sash.

"Hail, stranger. What is this contraption, and what are you doing in our fair land of Atlantis?"

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