Jan. 20th, 2011

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"My name is Jason Kindred. I'm from the United States," he said, staring around him in fascination. "This is a hot-air balloon, and it carried me here unexpectedly. I got caught in the storm." He gestured toward the sky, where the clouds were breaking up. "I didn't mean to intrude. If you'd like, I can re-inflate my balloon and try to get home."

The man waved a hand. "That's not necessary; you aren't intruding. I was just wondering how you got here. We haven't had visitors in ever so long."

"I can imagine. Most of the world believes where I come from believes Atlantis is a myth."

"Fascinating." The man stared at Jason for a long moment. "I take it you don't?"

Jason laughed. "As if I could, after standing on her shores?" The man offered a brief smile.

"No, I suppose you couldn't. But where are my manners? My name is Azrangul, and I'm the Magician of the continent."

Jason offered his hand, and the Magician stared at it. After a moment, he pulled it back and nodded in greeting. Azrangul nodded back.

"It looks as if your 'hot-air balloon' was damaged in landing," Azrangul said after a moment of inspecting the device. "My scientists can fix it, but it will take time for us to figure out how this contraption works and how best to repair and improve it. It looks as if, for the time being, you're staying here." The crowd broke into murmurs at this. Jason looked behind him and they silenced immediately.

"Is there room for me to stay?" he asked politely, and Azrangul nodded gravely.

"There are guest quarters in the temple, for when people from the outer ring come to visit the temple."

Jason nodded. "Shall we go now, or..."

Azrangul offered a slight smile. "There are things I should tell you first."

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