Feb. 19th, 2011

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My nails are long enough to paint Sailor Saturn purple. I am happy.

If I'd have done a decent job I'd show off a picture, but I suck at painting my nails, so I can't.

And of course, I forgot to do the dishes first... Blah. Oh well, that's what a topcoat is for, amirite?

Anyway--the cat is coming out of her small room sometime today, which is exciting. My mother named her Queen Isabella I of Dormont. Izzy for short.

Squee, I have a kitty.
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The cat and I are hanging out. She's stuck in her carrier right now because the parents got a new TV and are installing it, so I've got the carrier out here in the living room. I'm doing this. I keep telling her she's a kitty.

Image. )
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So apparently kitty can't come out today. She's hiding in the parentals' bedroom pretty hard. Apparently being in the cat carrier freaked her out pretty hard.

In other news, I'm watching a marathon of Royal Pains. This is a pretty neat show. So go on, show me icons and fic and stuff.

Also, Dead Like Me fic/icons would be appreciated.

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