Mar. 5th, 2011

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My dear friend [personal profile] delight is having $8000 worth of financial trouble. She's setting aside her pride, a task I know is really hard for her, and asking for donations.

I've donated what I can, and I'm also signal-boosting to see if anyone else can help her by spreading the word or donating.

Thank you guys so much for at least skimming this. Please, do what you can for her. She's a sweet lady and deserves to live in better conditions, and for her mother to get the help she needs.

I'm not crossposting to LJ at the moment because I'm not sure how to make DW-specific tags over there.
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How do I get a youtube video to embed? There's a pretty hilarious video I'd like to show y'all about a CHINESE CLEAVAGE CLAMP.

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