Mar. 16th, 2011

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So I went to a casino for the first time last night--the Rivers Casino here in Pittsburgh.

I wasn't disappointed per se, but I was really... disillusioned, I guess? I expected something like what's depicted on the drama Las Vegas--mostly quiet places with you being able to tell when someone wins big on slots, and every table staffed and full of eager players.

I dunno. It was too loud, and the food was overpriced, and playing slots is surprisingly boring. I didn't dare try a table game considering my utter fail at knowing the rules for most of them.

I'd like to go to experience the Grand View Buffet, but at $30 a head, I'd have to be feeling real hungry and real rich to do it.

The West End Cafe was tasty, but again, overpriced. Good fries, though, and the cold Chipotle Chicken Wrap wasn't bad, but probably not worth the $7.25 I paid for it--the fries and 16 oz. drink were $3 extra.

Really, I think the idea of casinos can be cool, but I've decided that I'll only go to Vegas to watch the shows there--gambling at casinos ain't for me, especially considering my lack of skill at games; I'll stay away from the tables, too. I'll stick with my scratch-off tickets, thanks.

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