Mar. 22nd, 2011

cassildra: Score! (music: score!)
I mean, I kick ass for a number of reasons, but tonight--tonight I am victorious, you see.

After not sleeping last night for some unknown reason, I woke up this morning and did not have a migraine, much to my surprise. This was excellent! So I got ready and trundled off to Bruegger's Bagels before work, had breakfast, got free coffee, and generally enjoyed messing with my iPod for 45 minutes.

I got to work around 8:30 and felt like I was going to throw up. I took my anti-nausea pill and prayed that it was the end of it. The head pain hit about an hour later, and then I decided to take my actual migraine meds.

The fucking thing finally broke around 3:30 this afternoon. I spent 75% or more of my day trying desperately not to throw up, and I succeeded. I managed to stare at a computer screen and run a binding machine for 6 hours while feeling like I wanted to puke and then cry like a baby.

I am awesome and full of win.

That is all.

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