Mar. 29th, 2011

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[ profile] yuki_onna has written a book called DEATHLESS, which is, from what I understand, about fairies in Soviet Russia during the Stalinist era. I, obviously, cannot wait to get my greedy hands on this thing and DEVOUR IT. But with the way my work schedule is, I must wait for the audiobook, which comes out in a few days.


The awesomeness that is the physical book is out TODAY! If you have time to read physical books, might I suggest you pick up a copy? I've skimmed the first few chapters--available online for free!--and it's pretty amazing.

Be awesome. Support a struggling author. Buy the book.
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Thanks for your concern about my health, everyone. I really appreciate the helpful comments I got on the entry before last.

My meds came in today, so tomorrow should be a return to what constitutes normal around here. :)

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