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Benet: that's pretty good. Do people actually staple envelopes a lot?
Nicki: There's one Financial Advisor who does it all. the. time.
Nicki: I'm looking at you, [name redacted]
Benet: LOL
Nicki: Seriously
Nicki: I had to ask my boss to ask [name redacted] not to tape his envelopes shut.
Benet: heh.
Nicki: He'd make sure to get EVERY CORNER of EVERY POSSIBLE OPENING and I was like :|
Benet: LOL
Benet: maybe he had a bad experience?
Nicki: dude
Benet: maybe?
Benet: what about papercuts?
Nicki: I get cut on paperstock ALL THE TIME, and I haven't gotten traumatized yet!
Benet: well, ok.
Benet: but I do think that sending an important piece of mail and having it come open in transit would probably leave you taping pretty assiduously for awhile
Nicki: well, okay.
Nicki: but.
Nicki: when you have the sealytabs that you wind string around, those are pretty good at preventing random openings
Benet: hmm, true.
Nicki: if one comes OFF, I can see taping an envelope closed.
Nicki: But that happens pretty rarely
Benet: fair.
Nicki: I am not anti-tape. I go through about a roll of scotch tape a week.
Nicki: I am anti stupid taping.
Nicki: and anti stupid stapling.
Benet: makes sense
Benet: I'm kinda punchy so the phrase "anti stupid stapling" is somehow making me laugh
Nicki: This whole conversation is making me laugh and probably will be going on DW, if you don't mind
Benet: no that's fine.
Nicki: ossim.
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