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Hay flist.

I'm getting to a point where I WANT TO COOK A LOT. Give me easy recipes! I know about, but considering that I'm not even sure what I want to make, it's hard to search for stuff.

I eat just about anything, but [ profile] blackpaladin and I are both morally opposed to tofu. Give me easy ideas! I'm big on fresh stuff that's easy to prepare.

I'm hitting the grocery store tonight, so ideas before 5.30 EST would be lovely. Links would be awesome.

Adopt one today!

List mania!

Nov. 7th, 2008 01:19 pm
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I need to get the following done before I leave for Columbus next week (11/13):

-Take my damn phone to get looked at
-Do a ton of laundry
-Make sure meals are cooked that Mom and Dad can pull out and heat up (this is mostly to assuage my guilt over leaving, not because I really HAVE to)
-See if Mom can pay me back the $25 I used for pizza a couple weeks ago
-Pick up snacks for going and coming back
-Talk to [ profile] typobot, [ profile] trioxinaddict, and [ profile] kimie_catclaw about hanging out on Thursday or Friday while I'm there. (WINE BAR. WIIIIINE BAAAAR.)
-Not spend another goddamn cent. It's nice living at home...
-Make chicken noodle soup
-Special Bonus: decide on what to make for Tuesday Night Dinner, get supplies, and cook

I did my first reading with the Necronomicon deck this morning. I like it a lot. It's not a happy shiny deck, and I didn't expect it to be--I'll probably pick up the Brian Froud Fairies deck for shininess.

I'm suddenly tired, so it's nap time now. At least dinner tonight is easy (and that I don't get sick of pasta... *eyes yesterday's breakfast/lunch/MEAL OF THE DAY*). Gotta get up around 4 and work on the sauce, though.

Should probably suck it up sometime soon and make Dad's recipe for sauce... We might even have room in the freezer for it right now. I might do that instead of the soup... Gotta talk to Mom.

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