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Yesterday ended up being pretty awesome. The day was great and very productive, and then [ profile] blackpaladin came to get me for the infamous Election Tuesday Night Dinner I'd heard so much about.

See, I have this weird habit that's been developed over years of being ill. If I'm around too many people that I don't know at once, I normally don't talk. (Stop laughing! I'm serious!) I also don't usually talk in cars, but that's changed lately, too. It's also beside the point.

From the moment I walked into the house, I felt incredibly welcomed. I got tackled by the most adorable 5-year-old ever, and got samples of Lush and a bottle of a limited edition BPAL scent (Screeching Parrot, if you were curious) that smells fucking incredible on me. I need to take my stuff with me next week--here's hoping I don't forget.

I got made to feel like family from the instant I arrived. That's not happened in so long. I got hugs as I left! It was awesome! I also think that I didn't shut up unless I was stuffing my face or trying (and failing) to concentrate on Fluxx.

We got kicked out at 9, and ran back to the Toybox to catch up on the bit of the results we missed on the way. I got cranky with all of the mentions of race, to the point of flipping shit, but I think I can blame a good bit of that on being up since god-awful o'clock, along with having severe election burnout. I got ranty enough that I had to walk upstairs to chill out a couple times before I got over it.

Also, I've got to add as a bit of an aside, last night was the first time I managed to be proud of Senator McCain in a long, long time. He didn't stand for any booing. If I'd have seen more of 2000!McCain, I would have had a much harder decision to make.

Crashed around 2 after a long discussion involving political what-ifs, woke up around 7. I'm tired. I don't mind. Reading back over my friends list to see what I've missed has me pretty damned emotional. I still think it's not sunk in entirely. He won. We won.

So catch me up. Dole lost? How did Franken do? I know Prop 8 was passed, and that the abortion measures were firmly trounced, but what else happened? What's important to you?

...I just realized I didn't see who won locally. I should probably go look that up (or just hope my friends list is lovely enough to tell me :P).

I think today calls for a nap, or else some of that fabulous blueberry rooibos. Maybe both.

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
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It's election day. Get out there and vote! Hell, a ton of companies are giving things away today if you wear your I Voted sticker, so go get free coffee from Starbucks. I'm not sure who else is giving things away, but I'm sure that you can find a list if you really looked.

I have an appointment this morning (yay shots), and then I'm going to go vote. I might also get stolen this evening, but that's not certain at this point. We'll see what happens.

Okay, I'm running late. Catch y'all later.

ETA: Dragons! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
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Yesterday was so much fun. There was Sports Night! And Rock Band! And AD&D 4th edition! And Indian food! And omg my character for the campaign, I love her bitchy snark so!

Okay, let me back up a little.

[ profile] blackpaladin came and got me around noonish, and we went back to his place. We watched the first DVD of Sports Night, and now I'm hooked. So, along with LOST, I have another addiction to fuel. At least this one's only three discs long...

After looking at [ profile] blackpaladin's shelves, I'm going to have to deal with this a lot. XD

I played Rock Band for the second time ever last night. I really, really like it, but I have terrible rhythm and am afraid to move from vocals. Don't get me wrong, I'm apparently really good at them, but it's still kind of intimidating. I'll go back to playing clarinet by ear and fudging rhythms kthx.

I also made my first ever 4e AD&D character. I like the system a lot more than I thought I would, to my delighted surprise. As much as I love 2e, 4e is a lot less clunky. I miss THAC0 the tiniest bit--mostly for nostalgic value or some form of geek cred, I think--but it's so much easier now. While I understand the arguments saying that it's too much like an MMORPG, I really like the way things have been streamlined. I mean, if I can pick it up with few problems, it's definitely a lot easier than it used to be. (Consider that I was pretty much just a White Wolf player beforehand--d10 is all I know! d10 is my OTP! I was kind of rabid about it actually...)

An amusing sidenote: when the GM was trying to decide whether or not to make my character's entrance tragic or not, I mentioned that I don't mind tragic. The White Wolf jokes started flying... Oh, WW, how I love your angst so. Even if most of it would be avoided if people would play vampires less like Lestat and more like Dracula...

I got home this morning and was so thankful that Betty wasn't on the corner. Betty is my 81 year old neighbor, the Queen Gossip of Dormont, and she'd blow a gasket if she saw some guy dropping me off at 0740! God forbid!

In more important news, this article made me really nervous. People fall for these tricks, unfortunately. It sparked an interesting discussion over on the WW Mods. A friend from Argentina was discussing how everyone there is required to show up and vote, and for some reason I really like that idea. I also (re-)learned what the difference between a republic and a democracy is. Apparently, my senior year was spent being too busy with migraines to deal with actually learning anything.

Well, now I've got dishes to do and a kitchen to organize. I'm far too awake for being up so early.

Don't forget to vote tomorrow, Americans.

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
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So I am apparently Not Up to going to either party tonight, which is fine. What's not fine is that Dad's pissy over stupid things--I honestly have no idea what--and the fact that Mom has a migraine and won't take another Imitrex is worrying. I'm going out tomorrow though, unless of course I end up waking up with a migraine...

I have also stolen an old meme from... a good few of you, actually. meme )

And a conversation with my sister in law about Sarah Palin...

I used lienne as the Canadian mentioned in the post, for the record )

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