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So... I finally caved in. I did it. The temptation was too much, and I went broke for less than 24 hours doing it, but I am the happiest horror-gamer-chick alive. I bought AFMBE.

Those of you who know me, even a little bit, know about my obsession with zombies. I live in Pittsburgh, not too far from Monroeville Mall, for Deity's sake. Ghosts kind of strike me as tragic and not scary--always have, really--and vampires, mages, and werewolves are too ...political to be frightening. Zombies don't stop until they rot to pieces or are destroyed utterly. Zombies have no fear, feel no pain, feel no emotions... They are driven onward by their need to consume human flesh, to destroy the world as we know it, and to eat until they (sometimes literally) explode.

I am a happy geek today.
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Quoted from [ profile] blackpaladin:

So, see, here's the thing. Circuit City -- you know Circuit City, they used to be an electronics chain -- is going out of business. So, having been looking into the idea of getting an HDTV for some time, I went out to Monroeville on Saturday with [ profile] psywildfire and [ profile] cassildra (and WF picked up [ profile] saberpilot and [ profile] evil_dr_reef along the way) to see if they had already started any kind of liquidation deals.

Well... they had. And there was a deal that I couldn't pass up: a 40" 1080p Toshiba flat-screen for $750 (regular price $900), and 20% off the new TV stand I bought because I needed the extra space for all the electronics that had been living on top of the old TV.

SO. SHINY. Rock Band in HD is pretty much orgasm inducing.

I also learned how to play bridge tonight, and I picked up basic bidding/passing pretty fast. So... maybe next KoL meet, I'll be begging for a game!

I'm a little disappointed that CC didn't have any DSes in stock, because there was a 20% discount on games and that would have been $104 plus tax. Ah well, I got an SDHC card, and while it's only 8GB/class two, I'm going to return the 16GB/class 6 card I SHREDDED for a new one. I need to be moar patient.

Unfortunately, the liquidators will be hitting CC tomorrow and resetting all prices back to MSRP - 5%, so today was the day to buy. I don't know how it is anywhere else in the city/state/country, so check the CC nearest you if you're interested.
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I'm hanging at [ profile] blackpaladin's again today. We've got D&D tonight, and I cannot wait to play my Starlock. I love her so much; she's terribly bitchy and basically Jenette in mood. ...err, okay, she's a hell of a lot less slutty, but that isn't hard.

Note to self: Make power cards before the game.

We're also going to be going out for lunch as soon as the Chinese place he wants to take me to opens up. He also mentioned Pamela's for breakfast, but I think that might be the weekend after next instead.

Last night I played Monty Python Fluxx at [ profile] fiannaharpar and [ profile] lrstrobel's. Oh man, that game is pretty amazing. I really liked it. We also played Ticket to Ride: Europe. It was really enjoyable! I also don't suck as hard as I thought when it comes to strategy games.

Speaking of Monty Python Fluxx... [ profile] lstrobel decided that she wanted to play with us. Keep in mind that she is only five--a very precocious five, but five, nonetheless. Her dad was helping her, and she didn't do too badly at all, but since Murphy's Law is always in effect (and I don't mean the cat that's sitting next to me!), she drew the Nude Organist card. As soon as she got up to do... something... her dad switched the card out for a different Keeper. It was amusing.

And, of course, she has designs on [ profile] blackpaladin. She says she will marry him. (Forget the fact that she's FIRMLY in his creepy zone...) Watching those two together warms my heart. [ profile] lstrobel is so damn cute, and snarks on a 4th grade level. I really do think that I'm blessed for knowing her--she brings so much joy into everyone's life. What a ray of sunshine.

Of course, she's also really good at breaking my brain without realizing it. What she says is meant totally innocently, but oh my God the innuendo! The jokes were flying last night about how, you know, since [ profile] lstrobel is going to marry [ profile] blackpaladin, it's a hell of a good thing that he and I are poly. (Okay, I'm just exploring the lifestyle, but that's a technicality. :P)

i got my hair cut yesterday. It's very cute, and as soon as I can steal someone's camera/get a decent pic with the camera phone, I will post pictures. I also got my ID card renewed! Can get booze without a hassle! (Because, you know, I'm such a drinker that I let my ID lapse for a year and a half). The picture turned out really cute.

KoLumbus is next week! The Buckeyes have an away game! Come hell or high water, I will meet [ profile] typozilla and [ profile] trioxinaddict. We will go drinking, and I will return to the hotel utterly smashed. (Well, as smashed as I get, which isn't much. No blackouts for this little black duck!)

I have slowly been adding everyone I've met over the past week. I'll probably freak out and start thinking that they're only tolerating me because I'm dating [ profile] blackpaladin--the joys of low self-esteem yay!--but for now, I will try really hard to keep from thinking that.

Holy shit it got cold. Two days ago I could walk outside barefoot, and now I need a jacket and gloves. I should grab my fingerless gloves and toss them in my purse, considering how cold my hands get. I'll be okay until I remember to do so, I'm sure.

I'm trying to be interesting and funny when I write these blogs, but I'm also firmly aware that I have New Boyfriend Syndrome and that not everyone is as amused by it as I am. I swear it will eventually get toned down someday probably!

[ profile] chapelski, I'm sorry I bailed yesterday. I had to get the hell out of the house for the rest of the weekend because Dad was in a Mood. I owe you tarot lessons as soon as I get back from KoLumbus--it looks like the 20th is open. That's a Thursday. Is anyone else interested in meeting up and playing with tarot decks? I know a bit, but more experience is always appreciated. (Granted, that's saying that we can find somewhere that's accessible and that [ profile] chapelski wants to! I don't want to make firm plans without her input.) I was going to suggest we just go to Evergreen this week, but lol, I'll be in Columbus by then. I'm leaving at noon Thursday, and coming back mid-afternoon Sunday. ...Shit, I hope that Mom managed to make a dent in the laundry. >>

My hands are far too cold for me to ramble anymore. <3

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!

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