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Day whatever of that 'what made you happy' meme.

Yesterday, [ profile] blackpaladin took the day off work, since it was the day after his birthday. There was West Wing, cuddles, and some delicious Red Robin. [ profile] psywildfire and [ profile] blackpaladin's friend came over, we got him hooked on Dominion, and we watched Heroes. I called the spoiler ) I'm awesome.

I slept forever today. Oh man, my head was POUNDING. I felt better in time to go to TND, which was awesome, because [ profile] sk4p brought HIS Dominion set, and [ profile] blackpaladin of course had HIS... There were two games going at once. It was great.

Now there is more West Wing. My boyfriend has me hooked on Sorkin. Le sigh~

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
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I now have my own Eee PC. I have not named her yet, but she is a Asus 2G Surf with Linux, in pristine white. The screen is 7", which is really tiny--I won't be hanging out on the WW Mods on this thing, for sure!--but considering that this thing is FREE, I won't complain.

Thanks for the Christmas gift, [ profile] tobydog. Best gift ever. <3

I could be disgustingly cute and name her Turin, 'cause [ profile] blackpaladin's Eee is named Shroud. There's also a female character from a book series I haven't read that might work, but my brain is not working correctly at the moment. Ah, he says it's from The Orphan's Tales, by... someone I can't spell. I'll update later, once he's done playing Dominion (BEST CARD GAME EVER).

But yeah. I'm in love. I have a sexy tiny laptop.
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I'm hanging at the Toybox today, 'cause fuck going home, ya know? There's a reason that this place is aka The Sanctuary, and it isn't just 'cause I'm dating [ profile] blackpaladin.

Found a couple of neat links while perusing THE INTERNETS:

The Five Lamest Forwarded Emails (And Why Your Mom Loves Them)
LCSH for "yo mama" - I love Library of Congress.
Mystery Piano in Woods Perplexes Police

In other news, Illyana is the cutest cat ever...

Currently accepting lolcat headings, because my funny is broken. If you can't tell what's going on in the photo, Illyana is hanging out behind [ profile] blackpaladin's DM screen, plotting evil plottiness.

Speaking of DMs and gaming, I had to bail on last night's game. I had the migraine from hell, which, thankfully, is mostly gone this morning. I will not be consuming anywhere near that amount of caffeine in a weekend again. Between stress and too much Mountain Dew... ugh.

And now... I need sweet things because I am addicted to chocolate. Going to raid the brownies and cake brb

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!

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