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I'm not going to tell you how much I spent at LUSH today, but I will say--I am sitting here with plastic bags and mud on my feet, and omg, it feels wonderful. Exfoliation YAY.

I'm also about to slather on a face mask and pamper myself a bit more.

I have a Shimmy Shimmy massage bar I don't want--I already have a corner of the shower coated in glitter from the one I had this winter. I've also got a Rock Star soap I'm not interested in. If you're interested, let me know--$5 each, plus shipping to your location if applicable.

I need to go wash my feet. :D
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I love watching West Wing, especially with [ profile] blackpaladin. I learn so much, am reminded of a lot from my Government class, and I get treated to great acting.

Also, the episode I'm watching now has Traylor Howard in it--the actress that plays Natalie from Monk. AKA, [ profile] frustrated_asst. Whee. She's so good as a reporter.

[ profile] blackpaladin made delicious burgers--we had some for both dinner last night and lunch this morning. (It was more brunch, but whatever.) When my boyfriend decides to cook, it is full of epicsauce and win.

There's D&D tonight. If anyone is interested in my 4e character--an Eladrin Star Pact Warlock--I will type up her sheet and do occasional updates.

The boy and I had a great weekend. [ profile] saberpilot and [ profile] psywildfire went to visit a friend in DC, so the house was empty. I love my roommate dearly, and I sincerely adore Saber, but sometimes it's nice to have time with the person you love, ya know? It was an early Valentine's Day gift.

Is anyone else interested in celebrating Samurai Day instead of Valentine's Day? It's been a tradition with a couple of friends of mine for ages. Forgo the sappy stuff and watch some great samurai flicks. This year, [ profile] blackpaladin and I are going to watch some Samurai Jack, which got approval from [ profile] typobot, who had the idea in the first place. We'll still be exchanging gifts and what not (hell, I couldn't wait and gave the boy his already!), but cuddling and samurai just... kind of go together. :P

I have some BPAL I'm not interested in. Is anyone interested in seeing a list of what I've got and either trading for/buying it from me? I have two bottles and a handful of imps (somewhere on the coffee table). I don't have any LUSH products up for trade at the moment, but I'll check my stash sometime soon and see if I've changed my mind.

Okay, need to watch West Wing now. Catch you guys later.

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
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Ugh. I woke up an hour and 15 minutes later than usual, which threw my schedule into a tizzy. It sounds weird, but holy crap, I had planned on doing two loads of laundry and a few more dishes, but apparently not. My brain is complaining about getting up at all.

Neither [ profile] blackpaladin nor I have been sleeping well lately. I don't know what's up with him, but I think mine is partially because I have that whole empathic thing going on, and he's just not sleeping. I'm trying to pull all of his restlessness, because I have the option of sleeping in and he doesn't. If I can work things right, I'll have managed to pull 99% of it by this weekend. That's saying it doesn't go away on its own, of course.

I played a couple of new games last night--Primordial Soup and Pandemic. (Links go to Wikipedia, since BoardGameGeek is down as of writing this.) Soup took me a bit to get used to, because of the way the strategy works. Pandemic is a deeply intense, nerve-wracking, AWESOME game of cooperation. However, it's so intense that I ended up dreaming about playing it in bed. Weird dreams, yo.

It has been determined that I am the female [ profile] jameel, for better or worse. I think that it's awesome and hope that it doesn't squick my boyfriend TOO badly. ;D

...Illyana has been in a weird mood lately. She usually scratches at things to get attention during the day, but chills out for the most part at night. The past couple of nights, though, she's been demanding attention from [ profile] blackpaladin and I. It got so bad the night before last that we had to kick her out of the bedroom--and she STILL spent the night scratching at the door. I don't know what's going on with her. She doesn't need her nails to be clipped, because that was taken care of last night, and she still went wild. ...And now she's tearing around the house. This is my first experience in living with cats, so I'm not sure if she's going nuts or if something's setting her off.

I am going to stop rambling now and start reading Mage: the Awakening in preparation for the endgame on the Mods. --although, remind me, isn't there a technical name for a soul-jar, and if so, what is it?

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
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So, today, [ profile] fiannaharpar and I went to LUSH in the Macy's at one of the local malls. (Mainly 'cause I had a Simon Mall Gift Card along with the LUSH gift card, so I could spend more money. :D)

I got a lot of neat stuff... Sonic Death Monkey shower gel, Mud Flats soap, Spice Curls soap--best exfoliating soap I've found!--and some Coolaulin conditioner, which is great for how dry my hair gets.

I also got a buy-one-get-one-free deal on some of the gift sets. the Snow Fairy set, which contained Snow Fairy shower gel, Glitterbug Sparkle Bar, and The Godmother soap, along with getting the the White Christmas set, containing Snow Showers shower jelly, and Snowcake soap.

For the record, also, I would recommend going to the LUSH at the downtown Macy's instead of the one at the Macy's in South Hills Village. The people are apparently much more knowledgeable, and [ profile] fiannaharpar has been shopping LUSH for years.

I think that [ profile] blackpaladin and I will be fighting over the Sonic Death Monkey. It smells chocolatey and delicious.

Next thing I need to get is a good, well-draining soap dish. IKEA has them for cheap, so that's not a big deal. I just need to, you know, GO.

And now, dessert. For the record, vegetarian chili is amazing. NOMS~
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I cannot find my favorite black dress.

Screw this noise, I'm wearing a sweater and a skirt to this evening's party! At least I know I have pantyhose that don't have a run *knock on wood*.

Just gotta figure out shoes, now... There ain't no way I'm wearing open-toed shoes tonight, uh-uh, not with the cold and my habit of falling over in non-boots.

Wonder if the Candie's will work...? *wanders off, muttering about shoes and makeup*

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