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omg, Trevor is the best boyfriend EVER. He got me a Lush gift card and the Platinum Edition of Sleeping Beauty. MY BOYFRIEND IS EPIC Y'ALL.

My parents got me a $50 mall certificate, which will also likely be used toward Lush stuff, and my brother got me exactly what I asked for--a PS2 wireless controller (a smaller one 'cause hands are tiny hands). I'll just trade it and the PS2 in for something for the PS3. Will most likely keep the GameCube though.

I also got a bunch of awesome stuff last Saturday--[ profile] bluemoon_991 made me a Pigthulhu, [ profile] chapelski got me a BEAUTIFUL scarf, and I'm sure I'm forgetting important things.

What sexy gifts did YOU get this year?

ETA: Not that I think it's all about gifts! Happy holidays, all of you! I love you all and am blessed to know you. :D

I'm goin' back to watchin' my favorite princess get tricked. <3 Maleficent.
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So tired today. I feel like I barely slept. And [ profile] blackpaladin had to finish shipping, so I offered to go along to keep him company... I hate malls in December. But we're done! And there is no more shopping! And omg yay!

There is Happy Feet now, and [ profile] bluemoon_991's party tonight, and presents to give out. It will be good.

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Meme )


I will be getting my cardmaking materials this weekend, making them, and mailing them. Ergo, cards will be late, but they're handmade, so that makes up for it a bit I think maybe?

I'm debating doing some vocal challenges on Rock Band, but eh, I dunno. We'll see.

oh, and re: meme: I'm not tagging anyone, so whatever.

ETA: A bad bus trip, and what should (and will) be done about it. Link from [ profile] lienne

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Just so everyone knows, I am still going to make and send holiday cards! i just can't get my stuff right now, so they will be late. <3 Thanks for understanding.

If you're still interested, the sign up post is here!
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So part ... four, I think, of that meme.

Last night was date night! [ profile] blackpaladin and I went to Max & Erma's for dinner, before we got a text from [ profile] fiannaharpar, inviting us to meet her, [ profile] lrstrobel, and the little one for ice cream ~9. We finished up at the restaurant around 7:40, and went to hang out at the Barnes and Noble at the Waterworks. They were at the theater watching Bolt, see.

But, yeah, we wasted time there, lusted over various DVDs that [ profile] blackpaladin couldn't get because of the Moratorium, and minorly broke [ profile] fiannaharpar by showing her The Beatles and Philosophy. Then it was off to King's for dessert!

Mind you, I'd had a Godiva Chocolate Peppermintini with dinner, and since I have no alcohol tolerance whatsoever, I was extremely giggly. When we got to King's for dessert, I decided that damn it, I was going to get a chocolate overload! So I ordered a chocolate milk to start, and then got the Chocolate Fudge Ice Cream Cake with a Frownie. I didn't even make it through the ice cream and cake! I hit the chocolate wall with about three bites to go. :(

And then we came home, played on our computers, and ended up having a long, important conversation. Last night was good!

Today's plan involves going to Giant Eagle and then hitting [ profile] valancy17's winter holiday party. There will probably be a bit of cleaning as well, seeing as tomorrow is [ profile] blackpaladin's birthday party!

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Between coughing my lungs out and my right breast being exceedingly itchy, I've been awake more-or-less since [ profile] blackpaladin left for work this morning. Nosir, I don't like it, and ergo will probably be dozing off and on for the rest of the day.

I played a neat little game last night called "Black Death". I got a bit cranky because omg, Messina wasn't a city on the board, but that was my inner bitchy historian talking more than anything else. It's a fun game, and even though I tied for last, I was in the lead there for a while--until [ profile] blackpaladin hedged me in, leaving me in fucking Lubosk with no way out. There are no friends in gaming, just people you're temporarily letting slide.

My mother is apparently getting antsy about Christmas dinner, and has gotten my brother to ask me about when the boy and I are going over. :/ If she was so upset over it, why didn't she call or email? It isn't like I would have had an answer for her anyway, but the principle of it... blah. I guess this means that we need to talk about Christmas plans, [ profile] blackpaladin.

Oh right, that meme thing. Day three. What made me happy...

I got to play a game called Black Death. I also got to throw a necromancer at my boyfriend a few times before he refused to give the plush back to me (probably because I was threatening to give the toy more lovin's than him last night. I was a bit cranky.)

And now, I am going to try and sleep again, because ugh.

oh, remember Alex, those of you who were around when my brother got married? The guy who told me, the day before the wedding, that he couldn't go because his mommy thought he had too much schoolwork? He left me a message on Facebook. I'm debating not answering him at all, because, damn, acting like nothing happened two years later? Not kosher, dude. There's a reason I stopped talking to the kid.

Seriously going to crash now. Laters.

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Just a reminder: Want a card?

Wishlists available on request. Otherwise I feel greedy. Blah.
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I have insomnia, but that's okay. I blame it on the fact that I left my light on. And to think, I used to sleep with the darned thing on all the time!

I've started Christmas shopping already. I got Mom a copy of Beedle the Bard, which will make her a happy woman, and I got one of [ profile] blackpaladin's gifts. I'm hoping it's not presumptive of me to order it, but the worst he can do is not like it. Ah, well. That really doesn't make much sense, but it IS a non-locked entry. :P

And, of course, when stuff starts arriving, I'll want to give it to people RIGHT THEN. I love giving gifts and I hate having to wait :(

Thank you to everyone who helped [ profile] squigglz' dragons grow up! I'm sure she'll be quite pleased.

Oh, hey, it's officially November 30th as I write this! I survived NaBloPoMo! Awesome. I think I'll keep trying to write every day, because it's a good habit to get into.

And now it's bedtime, because I'm worn out and I don't feel like messing with the drama that will ensue if I IM this person back. It's none of you, don't worry.

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I realized that I forgot to list what I'm thankful for, and why, yesterday! So, have it now--it's a day late but I hope it's not a dollar short.

To give thanks )

In other news, I'm home this weekend while [ profile] blackpaladin is at Darkover in DC. I need to spend some time vegetating in front of the TV and relaxing. Dad is spending time in th basement working with power tools (what the FUCK dude) after being miserably ill yesterday, so I'm going to be keeping an ear out for him all day.

I have tea, I have enough sugar to rot teeth upon contact- and I have cable. Mom will be home around 5:30, so that's in about 5 hours, and until then, I just need to relax, work on dishes, and make sure Dad doesn't kill himself.

I think tomorrow is shopping--my mother is a wonderful woman and will probably toss me a few bucks to get started. I really have no idea what to get her this year. I mean, I'm going to get her a teddy bear because it's my mother and this is what she gets, but... I dunno. Might get her a certificate for a massage or something. At least Dad's kind of a no-brainer--there's enough pirate paraphernalia that he's easy to keep amused.

I know what I'm getting T for his birthday and I know what I want to get him for Christmas. I just have no idea if I can afford all of this. (oh wait websites exist for pricing information, nevermind that).

I'm rambling, and I need to go charge my phone, so I'm outta here. OOOH, just got an email that says Mom has a slim chance of getting home early. I'm not counting on it, but I can hope.

And now, dragons. Ooh, three grew up yesterday, so I can go get more eggs!

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Card post!

Nov. 20th, 2008 09:44 am
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Okay kids, you know the drill:

Want a card from me? Leave a comment with your name/address/choice of winter holiday (if no preference is given, it will be a generic Happy Holidays card). Comments screened.

I can't make promises that I can afford to DO this, but let's give it a shot, hmm?

(Squee, I get to break out the Picard Christmas icon)
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Today is starting off far better than yesterday. I'm in a much better mood, things from yesterday have (mostly) settled, and there are only a few dishes. I need to run to the bank, but I can do that this afternoon, or if worst comes to worst, I can ask [ profile] blackpaladin to stop on our way home. Everyone loves ATMs, amirite?

I've started my annual "oh shit it's almost [insert winter holiday here]" freakout. I know I don't suck at giving gifts, but I do stress out and try to give people their gifts three weeks early. I need to make a list of people to get things for, and then figure out what I'm doing for everyone else... I need to buy an uber box of cards and get some serious postage, I think. I'll post the official "give me your addresses if you want a card" post here in a bit, but I am not promising anything.

I need to stress less, I think.

In other news, I have a small, benevolent Domo-Kun staring down at me from atop my monitor--he was a gift from [ profile] typobot and [ profile] trioxinaddict. He acts as Desktop Mascot/Protector Of All Things Smaller Than He (which isn't much, I can assure you. He mainly keeps my mini-post it notes safe!)

Coughs are getting much more productive, and despite my fears, spending time at [ profile] blackpaladin's place is not making things worse. I slept through the night last night! \o/

I'm vaguely scattered right now, and need to do the dishes yet. I'm probably going to curl up and watch Sports Night today, so if you need me, drop me a text or something. I'll check email throughout today.

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