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The trial is long over, and we found the guy not guilty due to reasonable doubt. For those not interested in details ) The judge and the attorneys were neat, though--afterward they asked us to come into the courtroom and we got to ask them all sorts of questions about the case. It was pretty awesome.

For those not on Facebook and/or Twitter, yesterday I got released from my temp contract due to a bunch of bullshit politics. I'm not hurt, or even angry. Thank the Gods for the medications I'm on. Monday is the start of a new week, and I've got a few leads on new jobs outside of the temp agency. I'm hoping to be in a position again soon.


Jun. 23rd, 2009 03:07 pm
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I have an interview at Dollar Bank next Wednesday, at 3:00, for a customer service position at the local bank. It is a full-time position, and offers benefits--likely after 90 days--and had a laundry list of awesome things that I forget the entire list because OMG INTERVIEW

Thank you a million times over, [ profile] saberpilot. I owe you baked goods.
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Today, while on the job hunt, I found a listing at the Jewish Community Center of Greater Pittsburgh. I had most of the qualifications, so I applied (with [ profile] brianarn help on my cover letter! Woot!) and thought nothing else of it--it usually takes a bit for companies to get back to you. It took less than an hour for someone to call back about my availability. The lady who called said that someone would call in a couple of days. Admitedly, she kind of mumbled so I'm not sure if I caught everything, but I'm hoping that this goes through. I'm not pinning my hopes on it, but here's hoping!
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So tired. Last night was a lot of fun, but I didn't get to bed until almost one. We had an [ profile] oceanicwish come with us to the pagan meeting and TGI Friday's afterward. She picked up a book on tarot, and then came back home to explore [ profile] blackpaladin's decks. I'd have offered her mine, but the Necronomicon tarot is NOT a good starter deck... >_>

I have to go for a drug test today; [ profile] gypsymila is going to be kind enough to drive me, and then we're going to hang out a bit. This evening is a birthday party for one of [ profile] blackpaladin's friends--I'm not sure if she has LJ, but I hear she's a neat person, so I'm looking forward to it. :D

[ profile] valancy17 is going to treat me to a movie tomorrow afternoon--we're going to see He's Just Not That Into You. lol valentine's day whut. After that, I'm not sure what [ profile] blackpaladin and I will do for Valentine's Day except that I will demand at least one episode of Samurai Jack. I celebrate February 14th in style, what can I say.

Wow, things are shaping up to be busy. And now I've got to go scour the news about what exactly happened with that plane crash outside of Buffalo...
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I got hired by Target today. Well, barring my drug test coming back positive (which I highly doubt).

God, today rocks.

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