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Guess who's got the creeping con crud? *raises hand* Either that or the cats didn't kill me with allergies at all! I just happened to catch the cold from hell right around the time I met [ profile] blackpaladin. >_> I can't talk, which I knew was going to happen 'cause, well, it was already starting yesterday. But ugh, I feel terrible.

Anyway, a meetup at least four years in the making happened last night! [ profile] trioxinaddict and [ profile] typobot came to get me and we went to the Short North. We hit Betty's for a drink--I am now hooked on, um, it's the girliest beer ever, tastes like various fruits, and is delicious! I'd know it if I saw it. Lindeman's, probably? Then we went to Hounddog's Pizza, and, wow. Some of the best pizza I've had. The crust tastes like Adrian's breadsticks. Nooom.

It was great meeting those two--we've been friends for years, and despite this being our first face-to-face meeting, it didn't feel that way at all.

I need to go find hot tea and/or orange juice. I also just got a random buff on KoL because of sharing the computer room with someone, yay.

I've had my fill of random people and booze. I can't wait to go home.

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I am disgustingly cheerful this morning. I'm also still kind of tired, but I think I ended up oversleeping a bit (amazing, I know). Or it might be effects from the booze last night, who knows.

My voice is officially shot; I probably won't get it back until after I get home. There are too many temptations to be loud here. :D

I ran around giving everyone I even vaguely knew hugs, because hugs yay!! I've also managed to score a free glass of orange juice, which has ...not helped my throat at all. It's kind of sad actually, but meh, whatevs.

Last night was karaoke; after I finished signing people in, I downed two Sex on the Beaches (I couldn't get any Melon Balls) in quick succession. I sang I Think I'm Paranoid and ended up screwing one part up 'cause I couldn't pick any notes out of the backing music, but it still sounded decentish. My voice doesn't sound anything like I thought it did, which was surprising for a split second.

I thought I'd lost my butterfly ring, but luckily, when I got back to my room, I found it! Thank goodness. <3 I heart this ring! It was a birthday gift from [ profile] bluemoon_991 (unless I'm remembering incorrectly and if so sorry!).

I need to go find people to tacklehug, depending on who's left in the hotel. Today was the trip to the Mongolian Grill, so a good many people left to go get good foods.

I need to go start setting up for the bazaar and pray that I get enough money to start paying people back...

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I am buzzed. I also have killed my voice and hope a good(?) night's sleep will help.

I need to learn songs better before I karaoke them! Or else stop relying on Rock Band so heavily. Hmm...

*shuffles off to room to find cold water and bed*
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Hurr, we like puns.

Arrived in Columbus safe and sound. Before we got to the hotel, we hit the JC Penney Catalog outlet. I won shopping! I got this adorable off-white turtleneck sweater, and some amazingly pink socks with cream or light pink stripes (I'm not about to bend over to look, tyvm). After that, we headed to the hotel, then got together with people and went to this Italian place called Buca di Beppo. Holy huge portions, batman.

Then more people arrived and I saw a [ profile] tealsac and got hugged so hard I was lifted into the air! :D I love that boy. ETA: he tells me that it was one-armmed, even. wow.

Everyone is arriving this evening, and I'll be manning the registration desk for a few hours this evening. Really, it's the least I can do, considering that the Bazaar was so easy to organize. (I say this now, of course, before people show up and go, "I BROUGHT STUFF TO SELL IS THAT OK :D :D :D").

An excerpt from an email I'm writing to (take a wild guess...).

I don't know if you're familiar with this theory, but let me try to explain. See, in every game I've run across, there are people who are spades, diamonds, hearts, and clubs. Predictably, I'm a heart--I'm so social it hurts. Spades like to explore new content first and get all of the info out to everyone else. Diamonds are the showoff-y types, and clubs are PVPers, basically. This year's badges are on playing cards, and since I'm staff, I'm an Ace--the Ace of Hearts, specifically. My friend Val is the Queen of Hearts, and There Can Only Be One!, so nobody else will get that particular card. Nicole also made bags with this year's meet logo on it--I cannot wait to show you! These are limited edition and for staff only.

And now the media center is being overrun by fellow KoLers, so I'm gonna split. <3 Take care, you guys.

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!

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