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While I love my mother and hanging out with her, and I love Magee, the 0 level has so much lead in the walls from the CT suite and Radiation that it is impossible to connect to their wireless. Ergo, I'm writing this in Word while I chill with my mother at work.

Today has been fairly good, and pretty productive. I bought myself bus tickets so I don't have to fuss with cash, picked up a few things at Geagle, donated blood, and had lunch with mom. I'm probably going to head home soon, though—there's a mountain of dishes waiting for me, and I'm sure if I looked I could find something else that needed done before TND.

Okay, apparently Toys R Us is selling netbooks. -eyes the nurse warily- I don't think it quite sciences, but what do I know?

I started playing with my OKCupid account, filling it out and the like, and as soon as I'd added a picture, I started getting more IM s and messages than before. Granted, my profile kind of reads like a stereotypical Hot Bi Babe's, but it just kind of amazes me how little people will read before they message you. Also, I got messaged by a 50+ guy from North Carolina, which was kind of creepy. Dude was my parents' age and he wanted to talk about being poly and various kinks. I need to take [ profile] blackpaladin's advice and put something on the profile about “anyone over 35 is too creepy, kthxbai!”

Eh, I don't know if I want to go home yet. It's supposed to be nasty outside, and ew, freezing rain. I know I've got to deal with it eventually, but I don't want to move yet. My head feels weird, anyway. It's the first time I've donated blood since my migraines returned, so I'm still getting used to the sensations.

Speaking of donating, I got a free water bottle today! I was jazzed. Little things amuse me.

I almost forgot to tell you guys. I have the best boyfriend ever! He brought me 6 cupcakes from Geagle, put one candle in each, lit them, and presented it to me. It was so unexpected—hell, I thought we'd done all of our celebrating this weekend!--but so sweet. I'm so lucky.

And now I'm at Chez Strobel playing PitchCar, so I need to get going. Thanks for all the well-wishes, guys. It was an awesome birthday weekend.
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Dad took rent money out of my account yesterday, which infuriated me, because I told him at the beginning of last month that I was moving out. He said he'd put it back since I called my mother to talk to her, but then, I got an email this morning...

I am glad you called yesterday. Your dad is on one of those kicks where everyone needs to call me every holiday. Don't ask me where he is coming from. He says he will put your money back when you come and get your stuff. You know if it were up to me, I would not care. We could box the stuff up and leave it in that room, but he is such an a_ _. I pray your new year will be the best one yet for you and Trevor too. He told me he would take care of you, and I believe he will. Have fun at your party tonight. I have 1 small box and 2 boxes paper comes in. Call and let me know when you are coming, I have some kraut & pork for you. Can't wait to see you on Tuesday!!

A conversation I just had with my boyfriend:

[ profile] cassildra: I really am pretty certain that I won't see that money.
[ profile] blackpaladin: Not even when we get your stuff out?
[ profile] cassildra: I never told you about the $2000, did I?
[ profile] blackpaladin: No. No, you didn't.
[ profile] cassildra: Oh, yeah. When I first got disability, I got a little over $2k in back pay. I can't have that much money in an account, or else I lose the disability.
[ profile] cassildra: So I was stupid and trusting, and had Dad put the money into cashier's checks, and put them in his safe deposit box.
[ profile] cassildra: Fast forward to two years ago. I tell Dad I'm moving out, and ask for the money. He says that he'd used it for taxes after he'd asked me, and he gave me the impression that he'd never pay me back.
[ profile] cassildra: I may have said yes. I do have gaps in my memory.
[ profile] cassildra: I would have, however, made sure that he would have paid me back.
[ profile] cassildra: That's a lot of money I'll never see.
[ profile] cassildra: I've been trying to move out for at least two years, and he's always managed to block me before. I think that's why he's so angry, because he lost his "control" over me.
[ profile] blackpaladin: How has he "blocked" you?
[ profile] cassildra: The first time he took the money that was mine, that I was relying on, to move to Virginia with a friend. Other times just fell through and/or he made me feel guilty for leaving Mom.
[ profile] cassildra: He's mad that he's lost his little Cinderella.

And yes, once, while he was drunk and Mom dared to go off and have a good time with her sisters and not be miserable at home with him, he did tell me that I was his Cinderella.

It's been requested that I find something else to do, so I think today will be my re-entry into Milliways. I think I can channel Faye this afternoon, at least for a bit.
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An email I received from my mother a moment ago:

How are you? Was your party fun on Saturday? Not much new for me. Your dad is not having chemo or radiation this week, his throat is trying to close up and he is coughing up blood. Yesterday I thought they were going to admit him, but they did not. If he gets any worse, we will go to the ER and have him admitted that way.

I do not know what to tell you about coming over. I do not think you want to see your dad like this and he is not in the mood for company at all. I am glad you have Trevor this year. We have not put up the tree or anything. Dude on the other hand is doing ok. I got him good treats, since he does not sleep on the bed any more. Even with time off, I can not keep up, so I will have to try harder.

I love you and I miss you. I don't have much for gifts for this year. I still can not wait to see you.

We talked on the phone a bit right after, and she added that not only is all that going on, but the doctor thinks that Dad is about to deal with hyperthyroidism. My uncle goes in for a cardiac catheter (I think?) sometime this week.

Can 2008 please just be over so that I can have a moment without thinking people I love are going to die???

Note to self: Alcohol will not make things better, so don't go there, girl.
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I have insomnia, but that's okay. I blame it on the fact that I left my light on. And to think, I used to sleep with the darned thing on all the time!

I've started Christmas shopping already. I got Mom a copy of Beedle the Bard, which will make her a happy woman, and I got one of [ profile] blackpaladin's gifts. I'm hoping it's not presumptive of me to order it, but the worst he can do is not like it. Ah, well. That really doesn't make much sense, but it IS a non-locked entry. :P

And, of course, when stuff starts arriving, I'll want to give it to people RIGHT THEN. I love giving gifts and I hate having to wait :(

Thank you to everyone who helped [ profile] squigglz' dragons grow up! I'm sure she'll be quite pleased.

Oh, hey, it's officially November 30th as I write this! I survived NaBloPoMo! Awesome. I think I'll keep trying to write every day, because it's a good habit to get into.

And now it's bedtime, because I'm worn out and I don't feel like messing with the drama that will ensue if I IM this person back. It's none of you, don't worry.

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
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So I am apparently Not Up to going to either party tonight, which is fine. What's not fine is that Dad's pissy over stupid things--I honestly have no idea what--and the fact that Mom has a migraine and won't take another Imitrex is worrying. I'm going out tomorrow though, unless of course I end up waking up with a migraine...

I have also stolen an old meme from... a good few of you, actually. meme )

And a conversation with my sister in law about Sarah Palin...

I used lienne as the Canadian mentioned in the post, for the record )

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