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The last two days have been full of surprises. Yesterday I found out my bank account was overdrawn, so I ran to the bank on 5th in Oakland and dropped money in there so I wouldn't end up ridonkulously poor. Then, I had my first appointment with my new PCP, and she's being wonderful and checking into why my pulse and heart rate have been elevated lately. It may be something with my heart, or it may be a medicine thing. I've got an echo and some bloodwork to get taken care of later this week.

This morning I got up to check my bank account, and instead of having something like $15, I had close to $2,000. I looked to see if the cute bank guy accidentally credited me too much, but apparently the government has decided to give me back pay. I have money I literally have to spend before the government gets mad about the total of my checking account. (It has to do with my disability, or something. The government is stupid.)

I also found out that my brother, Thomas, is dating a Wiccan. Considering that he's the redneck of the family, I'm amazed.

I think I'm going to have a heart attack if something else shocks me today.
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Dad took rent money out of my account yesterday, which infuriated me, because I told him at the beginning of last month that I was moving out. He said he'd put it back since I called my mother to talk to her, but then, I got an email this morning...

I am glad you called yesterday. Your dad is on one of those kicks where everyone needs to call me every holiday. Don't ask me where he is coming from. He says he will put your money back when you come and get your stuff. You know if it were up to me, I would not care. We could box the stuff up and leave it in that room, but he is such an a_ _. I pray your new year will be the best one yet for you and Trevor too. He told me he would take care of you, and I believe he will. Have fun at your party tonight. I have 1 small box and 2 boxes paper comes in. Call and let me know when you are coming, I have some kraut & pork for you. Can't wait to see you on Tuesday!!

A conversation I just had with my boyfriend:

[ profile] cassildra: I really am pretty certain that I won't see that money.
[ profile] blackpaladin: Not even when we get your stuff out?
[ profile] cassildra: I never told you about the $2000, did I?
[ profile] blackpaladin: No. No, you didn't.
[ profile] cassildra: Oh, yeah. When I first got disability, I got a little over $2k in back pay. I can't have that much money in an account, or else I lose the disability.
[ profile] cassildra: So I was stupid and trusting, and had Dad put the money into cashier's checks, and put them in his safe deposit box.
[ profile] cassildra: Fast forward to two years ago. I tell Dad I'm moving out, and ask for the money. He says that he'd used it for taxes after he'd asked me, and he gave me the impression that he'd never pay me back.
[ profile] cassildra: I may have said yes. I do have gaps in my memory.
[ profile] cassildra: I would have, however, made sure that he would have paid me back.
[ profile] cassildra: That's a lot of money I'll never see.
[ profile] cassildra: I've been trying to move out for at least two years, and he's always managed to block me before. I think that's why he's so angry, because he lost his "control" over me.
[ profile] blackpaladin: How has he "blocked" you?
[ profile] cassildra: The first time he took the money that was mine, that I was relying on, to move to Virginia with a friend. Other times just fell through and/or he made me feel guilty for leaving Mom.
[ profile] cassildra: He's mad that he's lost his little Cinderella.

And yes, once, while he was drunk and Mom dared to go off and have a good time with her sisters and not be miserable at home with him, he did tell me that I was his Cinderella.

It's been requested that I find something else to do, so I think today will be my re-entry into Milliways. I think I can channel Faye this afternoon, at least for a bit.
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Things to do with this month's money, after rent and cell phone bill:

  • Talk to [ profile] bluemoon_991 about Halloween costume and final cost

  • Decide if I REALLY need a paid account/extra userpics (please don't think I'm begging here, I'm just not sure if I need them! And I might want to save up for a permanent account instead of tossing $30 at LJ every year)

  • Consider if I really need a copy of A Handmaid's Tale to highlight/mark up when there's a decent synopsis on Wikipedia

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