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Just to let you all know what is going on. Bob had a PET scan on Tuesday 2/24 to see the progress of his cancer. The tumor on the right side of his throat is completely gone. Unfortunately, there is a new tumor on the left side. This one is in a lymph node, and is smaller than the other one was. The doctors have not told us what treatment they will do for this one. From what I know, he was given the max radiation treatment to that area. When they let us know, I will let you know. Please keep him in your prayers.

Love to all,
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An email I received from my mother a moment ago:

How are you? Was your party fun on Saturday? Not much new for me. Your dad is not having chemo or radiation this week, his throat is trying to close up and he is coughing up blood. Yesterday I thought they were going to admit him, but they did not. If he gets any worse, we will go to the ER and have him admitted that way.

I do not know what to tell you about coming over. I do not think you want to see your dad like this and he is not in the mood for company at all. I am glad you have Trevor this year. We have not put up the tree or anything. Dude on the other hand is doing ok. I got him good treats, since he does not sleep on the bed any more. Even with time off, I can not keep up, so I will have to try harder.

I love you and I miss you. I don't have much for gifts for this year. I still can not wait to see you.

We talked on the phone a bit right after, and she added that not only is all that going on, but the doctor thinks that Dad is about to deal with hyperthyroidism. My uncle goes in for a cardiac catheter (I think?) sometime this week.

Can 2008 please just be over so that I can have a moment without thinking people I love are going to die???

Note to self: Alcohol will not make things better, so don't go there, girl.
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Yesterday was weird as hell. The high was only 44 degrees Fahrenheit, and for a while, there was actually snow on the ground. Snow! In freaking October! What the fuck, Ma Nature?! Are you going to be cranky like this all winter? Today's high is going to be 51, and tomorrow's is going to be 64. ...I don't understand. The dog and I went out yesterday during the snow shower, and he came back in coated in the white stuff. He looked like it was mid-January. Gah.

I'm just hoping that the pressure fluxes don't screw me over with a migraine. I really want to go to the two parties I've got planned. [ profile] bluemoon_991 made me a fabulous Flying Spaghetti Monster costume (I promise pictures!), and while the costume's great, I'm not dressing up in it twice. I have a Sekrit Plan for the party on Saturday--my costume is going to cause lulz. At least, I hope. I'm sure someone who will be there will know what I'm trying to pull off.

Dad starts chemo today. It's going to be interesting for the next six to eight weeks. I'm apologizing in advance for any crankiness or shortness that occurs. If I get like that, just tell me to shut up and make a cup of tea. ♥ I love tea, and it makes me feel better.

Okay. I need to go find television that isn't Full House.

ETA: Does anyone else find this hilariously ironic? Praying to golden statues FOR THE FUCKING LULZ.

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!

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