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Last night was possibly the best Halloween ever. [ profile] bluemoon_991 threw an amazing party, complete with watching TEH COOB and MSTing it, some very appropriate tarot card readings, lots of Rock Band (I'm amazed I still have a voice after that!), and the obligatory candy handing outage to kids who were trick or treating. One kid got a look at my costume and said, with wide eyes, "You're spaghetti!"

I should have given him two pieces. Unfortunately, I didn't answer the door when he knocked, so one piece it was.

I met a couple of new people; I failed to get Idaho's LJ, but [ profile] blackpaladin and I had a lot of fun flirting at the party.

I ended up spending the night somewhere I didn't expect to, but things turned out really, really well in the end.

Surprisingly, I'm running on ... loltastic hours of sleep, as in less than 1 (because we all know that sleeping in strange places causes a Nicki to not sleep), and I don't have a migraine *knock on wood*. Let's hope that I can manage to make it two BOTH parties I swung an invite to (mainly because the second invite was scored by the Associative Property of Cool, and I've got to get my awesome on). So.. here's hoping I can find a picture of want I want to wear this evening, and can jury-rig the rest. If not, well, I guess I'll let [ profile] trebo put me in a costume.

Scary thought, that.

If you happen to have pictures of me in the FSM costume, could you please email them? I would ♥ you forever. If you don't have my email, the address is on my profile.

I should probably go shower and then crash. Or, maybe it should be the other way around.

Oh, before I forget: [ profile] tobydog and I have finally figured out what we're doing for my birthday. He's coming up with (I think he said [ profile] finalphoenix, or else it was [ profile] davidmcclelland...) for lunch. We'll probably go to Sushi Too for lunch, unless someone else knows of a better place. We'll end up going to Primanti Bros. for dinner, unless someone else has a great idea for good food.

We'll be celebrating on Dec. 31, because everyone who is coming home for break will be there, and that way we can all get drunk (well, depending on age/inclination toward boozahol) and hit Tom's to watch the ball drop. Yup. Ending the night at the shittiest diner chain in town. We all know we want to watch a ball laden with Swavorski crystals drop very slowly into the new year, amirite?

It's time for me to take a huge nap, so I leave you with today's dragons. Click to your heart's content.

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!

ETA: Migraine, if you're gonna hit, do it now so I can try to control it. Don't fuck around, please.
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Things to do with this month's money, after rent and cell phone bill:

  • Talk to [ profile] bluemoon_991 about Halloween costume and final cost

  • Decide if I REALLY need a paid account/extra userpics (please don't think I'm begging here, I'm just not sure if I need them! And I might want to save up for a permanent account instead of tossing $30 at LJ every year)

  • Consider if I really need a copy of A Handmaid's Tale to highlight/mark up when there's a decent synopsis on Wikipedia

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