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*shakes mighty fist at [ profile] milliways_bar*

You've sucked me back in, and it's all [ profile] seanan_mcguire's fault (with her permission, even). I'll be submitting an application for October "Toby" Daye by Friday. If you haven't read her canon yet, I highly recommend Rosemary and Rue. The second book came out yesterday--A Local Habitation. I'm waiting for it to show up on my doorstep, impatiently.

Now, to figure out who the hell to use as her PB, since Jennifer Connelly's gotten too old... Suggestions welcome... or maybe I can convince/pay Seanan to draw me some art cards to use as icons. Hmm...
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Let me show you why!

From her latest album, Red Roses And Dead Things, an excerpt from "Maybe It's Crazy":

The guy that I adore
Is always looking for
The secret to having it all.
And sure, that angry mob
May not support his job,
But while we flee the crowd, we’ll have a ball!
I know he’ll treat me right;
We’ll tryst by candlelight,
And resurrect a priest to tie the knot.
I swear that he’s not bad,
He’s just a little...mad.
We’ll unlock hidden knowledge that was better left forgot!

From the same album, a merry little song about "The Black Death":

Speaking epidemiologically, bubonic plague doesn't make sense to me.
Yersinia pestis makes you dead, it's true, but it isn't as effective as the common flu.
If you want to wipe out half of Europe's population, you need a better agent for your devastation;
You need a viral agent that that is tried and tragic -- let's take a look at fevers that are hemorrhagic.

Now a hemorrhagic fever is a nasty beast indeed,
And we've named it for its tendency to make its victims bleed.
It can trigger cranial swelling often leading to psychosis,
And posthumous study demonstrates internalized necrosis.

It is heavily infectious with a high mortality;
When you put it all together, it sounds like the plague to me!
And best of all, transmission is from one case to another,
So you get it from your sister, then you give it to your brother.

(why yes, [ profile] blackpaladin got his copy of Red Roses and Dead Things--118 out of 300 preorders, bitches!--and I am squeeing so hard... But don't just read the lyrics, go check her out for yourself! Do it. DO ITTTT.)

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