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This is an essay about bisexuality, and how it pertains to the writer, and generally, what it means. I approve of this essay and wanted to share.
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Before I start this, I'd like you to go read this and the comments (still on the first page as of writing this--you don't need to read further). Go on. I'll wait.

I'm sure you got down to my comment, but if not, I'll post the relevant parts here.

I'm trying to get to the point where I don't care about what people think of my sexuality. I'm a bisexual, polyamorous woman, and who I have sex with and in what capacity is my business and my chosen partners' alone. I'm still deathly afraid of telling my parents about my lifestyle, though, because while I didn't choose to be bisexual--although I'm aware that many people disagree--there are many schools of thought that polyamory is just about having sex to have sex, you insatiable nymphomaniac, you, and not care about the consequences, so it's obviously a choice and not a need to share love with more than one person.

I also find it interesting that only women are nymphomaniacs, whereas men are players and applauded for having lots of sex. I don't understand the double-standard, and I wish it didn't apply, but unfortunately it won't change overnight.

I'm not trying to derail your thoughts or make it seem like I'm taking over, but I wanted to mention that virginity is kind of like monogamy. If you're not monogamous, you're slutty, even if you're in a committed triad and only having sex with two other people. You're not saving yourself for your One True Love, or whatever that notion comes down to.

And here's where I start talking about BDSM, so feel free to skip. )

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