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Soon enough, the open-sided carriage stopped outside of the crush of people. It was up to Jason and Azrangul to move their way through the crowd. Surprisingly, it was fairly simple--people just moved out of the way, staring at Jason with a mix of fear and awe in their eyes. He wondered why they were afraid, but shrugged it off for now. It wasn't like he could stop and ask. Or could he?

He stopped by the man who had ordered the carriage--Erasmos, wasn't it?--and nodded to him. Warily, the man nodded back, and Jason took a breath to ask. Before he could, Azrangul's hand fell on his shoulder.

"It's time to go."

"Ah. Thank you, Azrangul." Jason turned and climbed into the carriage, Erasmos staring after him, curious. Azrangul followed closely, settling into the seat beside Jason. No one tried to climb up with them. A whip-crack, and the carriage jolted forward as the horses pulling it began to canter away.

(To be continued tomorrow)
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Today's tarot prompt is delayed until after dinner, possibly until tomorrow depending on how I feel. I'm not having a good day, as earlier posts may show.
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Jason blinked at him. "Tell me things? Like what?"

Azrangul smiled once more, but this time, it was rather unsettling. "There are certain rules if you're going to stay in the temple. The priestesses, while beautiful, are not for you. They're promised to Poseidon, and if you lay a lustful hand on one, the whole continent will sink and all will perish." He paused to apprise Jason carefully, making sure what he said was sinking in. Jason nodded.

"Furthermore, you are only to expect replies from the High Priestess, Anastasia. She is Poseidon's First Bride, and as such has permission to speak to other men. The other priestesses, being lesser brides, are not to speak to anyone, let alone strange men." Jason nodded once more, and Azrangul continued.

"The room you will be staying in is spartan, but functional. You will be supplied more appropriate clothing." Jason was wearing jeans, a black t-shirt, and a black leather jacket. "Your current ones are obviously soaked, and you stand out like a sore thumb. It's better if you blend in. The priestesses won't ask questions, obviously, but the people surrounding us will be curious, and I'd like to get you away from here with as little fuss as possible." Jason nodded in agreement a third time.

Azrangul pointed at a man in the crowd and said, "Get a carriage, please, Erasmos." He nodded and sprinted off.

"Until then, why don't you tell me about yourself?" The Magician looked at Jason curiously. The brunette American took a deep breath.

"My name, as I mentioned before, is Jason Kindred. I'm from the state of Utah. I'm 5'10" and a registered Democrat... which probably means nothing to you. Um. I'm divorced, 30 years old, and I enjoy long walks on the beach and, well, hot-air ballooning." He offered a weak grin. He wasn't sure if he was hallucinating or actually here--it was odd, thinking that he was talking to Atlanteans. Maybe he was dead.

Everything was happening so fast that he didn't really have time to get his bearings. He'd take a moment once he got to the temple and try to figure everything out. He figured he'd have to speak to the High Priestess first, but that was all right by him. Maybe if he kept talking to people, things would click into place.
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Previous Installment

"My name is Jason Kindred. I'm from the United States," he said, staring around him in fascination. "This is a hot-air balloon, and it carried me here unexpectedly. I got caught in the storm." He gestured toward the sky, where the clouds were breaking up. "I didn't mean to intrude. If you'd like, I can re-inflate my balloon and try to get home."

The man waved a hand. "That's not necessary; you aren't intruding. I was just wondering how you got here. We haven't had visitors in ever so long."

"I can imagine. Most of the world believes where I come from believes Atlantis is a myth."

"Fascinating." The man stared at Jason for a long moment. "I take it you don't?"

Jason laughed. "As if I could, after standing on her shores?" The man offered a brief smile.

"No, I suppose you couldn't. But where are my manners? My name is Azrangul, and I'm the Magician of the continent."

Jason offered his hand, and the Magician stared at it. After a moment, he pulled it back and nodded in greeting. Azrangul nodded back.

"It looks as if your 'hot-air balloon' was damaged in landing," Azrangul said after a moment of inspecting the device. "My scientists can fix it, but it will take time for us to figure out how this contraption works and how best to repair and improve it. It looks as if, for the time being, you're staying here." The crowd broke into murmurs at this. Jason looked behind him and they silenced immediately.

"Is there room for me to stay?" he asked politely, and Azrangul nodded gravely.

"There are guest quarters in the temple, for when people from the outer ring come to visit the temple."

Jason nodded. "Shall we go now, or..."

Azrangul offered a slight smile. "There are things I should tell you first."

Next Installment
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Due to circumstances beyond my (emotional) control, the tarot prompt for today is delayed until tomorrow.
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Today's Tarot Prompt is delayed due to being engrossed in a book. Sorry.
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A baby's first steps are the true first steps on the path of life. Stumbling along and tumbling down are important in learning how to get up and keep going. Children are magical in many ways, not least of which is that they're just learning about pain--so they don't fear things the way adults do. Children also find magic, many times, in the journey itself--unlike adults, who are impatient for the journey to be over so they can get to their destination.

Often times, the first steps on a journey are the most important. They set the tone, the pace, the way you're going to go. You don't go east to go west, unless you're on a particularly wavy interstate. That's why it was so unexpected that Jason's descent into Atlantis started with a hot-air balloon ride.

The day was cool and clear, and the balloon ride was going well. Jason was a professional hot-air balloonist. He enjoyed the quiet and calm of the heights of the sky, being out in it alone and without enclosures or straps. The danger was very real, and it exhilarated him.

He saw a storm coming on the edge of the sky and started his descent. Before he could reach the ground, however, the storm overtook him, and he was swept up into the sky once more.

"This must be what the Wizard of Oz felt like on his trip to Oz," he muttered to himself with a wild laugh. He wasn't really scared, mostly exhilarated. He wasn't sure what was going to happen to him, but it was something thrilling and wonderful. Jason was tired of his mundane life. This was the start of a new adventure, and he was ready for it.

He slumped down in the balloon for his safety, and rode out the storm. There were a few scary moments when lightning nearly hit the balloon, but he mostly just zoned out and watched the rain. When the balloon started to dip, as the storm abated, he peeked out of the top and looked around.

He was nowhere he'd ever been before. Instead of the middle of Utah, he was near a beautiful, man-made island. It was a perfect circle with three concentric rings of land separated by canals. He recognized the description immediately, being well-versed in Greek myth. Atlantis!

He gaped as he watched the mythical land come closer. Such a beautiful place! The temple at the very center, dedicated to Poseidon, glimmered with gold in the dying sunlight as it grew larger in front of him. He landed in the third circle with a bump, and was quickly surrounded by curious people dressed in Greek tunics. One man stepped forward, dressed in a white tunic with a purple sash.

"Hail, stranger. What is this contraption, and what are you doing in our fair land of Atlantis?"

Next installment
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I'm psyched for trying out my prompt this afternoon! It should be interesting! I don't know where I'm going with it, but it should be cool.
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I'm wondering if I should do a prompt about each one of the Major Arcana tarot cards. Take one card a day, post a short story or something about it... I dunno. Ideas? Would anyone be interested in doing this with me? Starting with The Fool and going through in order.

Note, I may have weird ideas on the God and Goddess. For a long time, for example, I thought of them as Neo-Queen Serenity and King Endymion. What, me, a fangirl? Never. >_>

Another note, I may or may not be using the 8-Bit Tarot.

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