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Today is a good day so far. I like today.

Yesterday was awesome. TND is always awesome, and there was also two games of Dominion going on at once. I have the feeling that I talked about this yesterday, so I'm going to stop now.

Watching West Wing. Felicity Huffman made me squee. I love her so.

I have nothing important to say, so I'm heading out. <3

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Day whatever of that 'what made you happy' meme.

Yesterday, [ profile] blackpaladin took the day off work, since it was the day after his birthday. There was West Wing, cuddles, and some delicious Red Robin. [ profile] psywildfire and [ profile] blackpaladin's friend came over, we got him hooked on Dominion, and we watched Heroes. I called the spoiler ) I'm awesome.

I slept forever today. Oh man, my head was POUNDING. I felt better in time to go to TND, which was awesome, because [ profile] sk4p brought HIS Dominion set, and [ profile] blackpaladin of course had HIS... There were two games going at once. It was great.

Now there is more West Wing. My boyfriend has me hooked on Sorkin. Le sigh~

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I've used computers literally as long as I can remember. I vaguely remember using a DOS machine to play the original version of Sid Meier's Pirates! around age 5. I didn't know what I was doing, but the graphics were pretty and omg color! Not that I remember how to use DOS, but the point here is kind of moot.

I've used Microsoft products since the beginning, except for a brief stint in elementary schools when Apple was still the king of education machines. It took me a bit to get used to using Mac OSX when I was messing around on [ profile] chapelski's computer, but it came to me quickly enough.

Windows, in its infinite (?) glory, never really seems to make any radical changes to how it works. Oh, sure, a lot of the back-end stuff that the user rarely sees changes, which forces hardware and software companies to scramble around and change stuff on their end, but the user doesn't have much of a learning curve when it comes to installing the latest WinOS. (Granted, I haven't played with Vista much--if at all--but from what I hear, it's basically XP with the neat little Mac OS thingy at the bottom. Correct me if I'm wrong, please.)

Now, we come to the Eee PC and Linux.

The OS on this thing is incredibly easy to use. It involves looking at icons, choosing which you'd like to use, and clicking. If what you want isn't on that specific tab, well, there are more options at the top of the display. Really, you'd have to be an idiot to not find what you wanted (as long as it was pre-installed, of course).


I've been spoiled in a lot of ways. I tend to jump into things feet first, never reading the manual, because--shit, dude, I've been playing with computers all my life! Why should I stop and read the fucking manual? Pfft.

Now, however, I'm finding with the Eee and Linux in general, I tend to need Shroud on so I can look things up as I go. I'm so afraid of breaking something that I double, sometimes triple check what I'm doing (and I ask [ profile] blackpaladin all sorts of stupid questions along the way, let me assure you). Linux doesn't exactly intimidate me--in fact, I rather like the advanced setup [ profile] blackpaladin has on his Eee, and hope to have that figured out by the end of the week (with lots of help, of course). I guess I'm just kind of saying that while I'm comfortable using the OS as-is, I'd like the advanced set-up a lot better. It doesn't hurt that it reminds me of Windows XP.

I don't think I'm computer illiterate. In fact, I've been called on more than once to use my (somewhat questionable) tech skills to troubleshoot someone's problem. I think what I'm trying to say is that I am excited to learn more about Linux and how it works, and I won't be intimidated by something as silly as this (kind of) idiot-proof interface I've got going right now.

In other news, I was tagged to do a meme: For 8 days, post something that made you happy that day. Tag 8 people to do the same. I'm going to do things a bit differently, though--since I tend to blog in the morning, I will mention something that made me happy the day before. I also don't feel like tagging anyone specific, because I know my flist--if they want to do it, they will. If not, they won't.

Anyway. Thing that made me happy yesterday.

Apart from the usual waking-up-next-to-my-love thing, yesterday was Tuesday Night Dinner. I tend to enjoy TND as a way to hang out with a group of people who are a lot of fun, and who have accepted me for who (and what) I am, quickly and painlessly. Plus, I got to play Fluxx while playing on my new computer, and I got to watch a group of people play Dominion for the first time. :D

I also got my new computer, [ profile] blackpaladin's Christmas and birthday gifts, and gave him his birthday present. (For the record, it was the Kung Fu Panda Pandamonium pack.)

Today's plans involve... I actually don't know yet. I'll probably just chill out for a while.

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Yesterday was a lot of fun. [ profile] gypsymila ended up with a day off, so we ended up hanging out. We hit South Hills Village. Holy crap you guys the Lush store in Macy's? To fucking die for. I hope I can afford to go back after this weekend and pick up some Christmas presents. That stuff would be amazing for Mom. (I also need more Coolalin. Mmm, delicious conditioner.)

We had Japanese for lunch--er, well, what would pass for Japanese at the food court--and then wandered around a bit more. Window shopping yay! We also ended up at the Mt. Lebanon library for a while so that we wouldn't end up at [ profile] finnaharpar and [ profile] lrstrobel's house too early. Gotta let them have a little time to themselves on Tuesday, after all.

While we were waiting for everyone else to show up for TND, I pulled out my chain mail to work on jewelry to sell. I kind of wish I had more patience for the Japanese 6-in-1 weave, because it has such potential. As it stands, I am a huge fan of the Helms weave, mainly because it's more delicate and that's more to my tastes.

[ profile] blackpaladin is a silly creature, who stopped at Giant Eagle despite me cooking for TND. I think I get why, but it still seemed kind of--superfluous? to me. I won't ever complain about macaroni and cheese, though.

We played Apples to Apples, which was a lot of fun. It was my first time playing, and I was deeply amused. I'm not great at it, but my cards also kind of sucked (except for the George W. Bush play. ftfw, y'all, I am amazing). [ profile] blackpaladin had a rough day at work, so I think he needed something fluffy to play, anyway.

We finally said our goodbyes, and headed back to [ profile] blackpaladin's. We passed a pretty nasty accident--I still can't get the image out of my head--and a few minutes later, [ profile] psywildfire--my boyfriend's roommate--called to make sure we knew about it. It was... guh. OKAY PLEASANT TOPIC PLEASE.

We got home and turned on the final episode of this year's World Series of Poker. I only half-paid attention because, well, I know how to play poker, but I don't follow the sport. [ profile] psywildfire and [ profile] blackpaladin were pulling for the guy who ended up in third place. After a bit more TV and some cookies, sleep was to be had! I slept really well, for the first time in... weeks, anywhere.

And now I'm home, prepping for KoLumbus and waiting for various Columbusites to get back to me. I can has wine bar? I can has Riesling?

I also found some very pretty things in my inbox this morning--ThinkGeek ftw!

A truly stellar necklace
They came out with some excellent GIANTmicrobes.

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