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D&D was last night. The game went well, even if we were a player short. Let's just say that, uh, I'll be hitting various artists up to help me with the Star Warlock Coloring Book: Visions Of Fear And Madness. :D? I can pay in ... lots of linking to galleries and possibly jewelry! >_> I have most of the notes written! It's only 10 pages plus cover!

I am also completely and totally in love with my Starlock, and want to possibly make her in Exalted, as well. I mean, she'd make the perfect racist DB. (Bonus points for the fact that she ABSOLUTELY HATES the fighter of the party, who... happens to be a D&D Dragonblood. [I think that's the term, and I'm getting too tired to care. :D? :D.])

It snowed overnight. For some pretty obvious reasons, I'm a bit cranky about this. I'm supposed to leave this weekend! How can I go if it's snowy and bwah? It shouldn't snow during KoLumbus! D:

Tonight I'm going back over to [ profile] blackpaladin's place for my introduction to Heroes. Yes, I know it's the worst place in the world to pick up, but there's a WoD Vampire Court this evening, and I will really, really need the distraction. Courts are as boring as all everloving shit.

Naptime now, because holy shit is it ever cold zomg. Also, warding off migraines is usually a good idea, especially since I have two (2) imitrex to last me until the 21st.

Dragons: Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!

ETA: HOLY SHIT YOU GUYS THERE IS ALREADY A D&D COLORING BOOK I AM DEAD OF SQUEE. Maybe I could appease everyone with that until I get the actual Starlock thing done...
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Yesterday was weird as hell. The high was only 44 degrees Fahrenheit, and for a while, there was actually snow on the ground. Snow! In freaking October! What the fuck, Ma Nature?! Are you going to be cranky like this all winter? Today's high is going to be 51, and tomorrow's is going to be 64. ...I don't understand. The dog and I went out yesterday during the snow shower, and he came back in coated in the white stuff. He looked like it was mid-January. Gah.

I'm just hoping that the pressure fluxes don't screw me over with a migraine. I really want to go to the two parties I've got planned. [ profile] bluemoon_991 made me a fabulous Flying Spaghetti Monster costume (I promise pictures!), and while the costume's great, I'm not dressing up in it twice. I have a Sekrit Plan for the party on Saturday--my costume is going to cause lulz. At least, I hope. I'm sure someone who will be there will know what I'm trying to pull off.

Dad starts chemo today. It's going to be interesting for the next six to eight weeks. I'm apologizing in advance for any crankiness or shortness that occurs. If I get like that, just tell me to shut up and make a cup of tea. ♥ I love tea, and it makes me feel better.

Okay. I need to go find television that isn't Full House.

ETA: Does anyone else find this hilariously ironic? Praying to golden statues FOR THE FUCKING LULZ.

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!

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