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Fair warning: I am not dead.
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I have moved from Pittsburgh to near Johnstown. Information forthcoming.
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Sorry I haven't been around. Real life has been kicking my ass. But next week, at the very least, I'll be online more--my assignment is ending, and they didn't hire me permanently like I was hoping. So--I'm giving myself a week off to recover and rest, and then I'm back on the job hunt.

So--if I've missed anything, let me know in comments, please.
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This is an essay about bisexuality, and how it pertains to the writer, and generally, what it means. I approve of this essay and wanted to share.
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I can't go into detail why, but--I think I'm not right.

I need to find someone to have a long talk with. I'm not sure who, but it has to be someone IRL, who has time, and won't judge.

...I'm essentially fucked, aren't I?
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I'm sure most, if not all, of my friends list knows that Osama bin Laden was killed by US forces yesterday, in a firefight in Pakistan. This is a cause for celebration, and believe me, I am very excited. However.

As I type this, I'm sitting in a Bruegger's Bagels in a city known for robotics and technology. I am afraid for the future. There will be a period of uncertainty now, which I understand--it will be a time for Americans to breathe, and a time for Al Qaida to regroup and find a new leader. I'm just afraid that the next leader will be more brutal.

This morning is filled with fear and uncertainty for me. I'm excited, too--the biggest boogeyman of my generation has been killed and buried at sea. But the retaliation--which is kind of inevitable--is coming. And it won't be pretty.

I hope I'm wrong. I tend to overanalyze. But--what next? And how long before we pull forces out of Afghanistan, especially since we've still got troops in Iraq, four years or so after Saddam Hussein was found. (I think that happened in 2007--was it longer ago than that?)

I'm going to take my paranoid self somewhere else. I just wanted to write a reaction post.
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Benet: that's pretty good. Do people actually staple envelopes a lot?
Nicki: There's one Financial Advisor who does it all. the. time.
Nicki: I'm looking at you, [name redacted]
Benet: LOL
Nicki: Seriously
Nicki: I had to ask my boss to ask [name redacted] not to tape his envelopes shut.
Benet: heh.
Nicki: He'd make sure to get EVERY CORNER of EVERY POSSIBLE OPENING and I was like :|
Benet: LOL
Benet: maybe he had a bad experience?
Nicki: dude
Benet: maybe?
Benet: what about papercuts?
Nicki: I get cut on paperstock ALL THE TIME, and I haven't gotten traumatized yet!
Benet: well, ok.
Benet: but I do think that sending an important piece of mail and having it come open in transit would probably leave you taping pretty assiduously for awhile
Nicki: well, okay.
Nicki: but.
Nicki: when you have the sealytabs that you wind string around, those are pretty good at preventing random openings
Benet: hmm, true.
Nicki: if one comes OFF, I can see taping an envelope closed.
Nicki: But that happens pretty rarely
Benet: fair.
Nicki: I am not anti-tape. I go through about a roll of scotch tape a week.
Nicki: I am anti stupid taping.
Nicki: and anti stupid stapling.
Benet: makes sense
Benet: I'm kinda punchy so the phrase "anti stupid stapling" is somehow making me laugh
Nicki: This whole conversation is making me laugh and probably will be going on DW, if you don't mind
Benet: no that's fine.
Nicki: ossim.
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1. Print address labels for packages, or give me the name and mail stop of the recipient. I'm not psychic, and I will chase you down if you forget, wasting your time and mine.

2. Don't tape interoffice mail envelopes shut. I can assure you, no one in the mail department has the time, energy, or desire to unwind the string on the tabs, pull out the financial information inside, photocopy it, and then return it to the envelope, painstakingly winding that little string around those tabs.

3. There is a special place in Hell for those people who staple envelopes shut. Next time I cut myself on an envelope, I am going to (think about) sending a nastygram your direction, explaining in excruciating detail what happened, where the cut is, how deep it is, and how many bandages it took to make the damn thing stop bleeding.

4. For the love of whatever god/dess you worship, don't fax your client's information to us. It sits on the printer for hours. It's also really hard to read faxed documents. Don't do it.

5. I cannot answer your questions about the software we use. Yes, I've been here since the beginning of February and have seen many financial advisers in training go through, but I can assure you, I'm only doing the easy data entry. If you want good answers, go to one of the official employees, or better yet, our boss.

6. Don't approve a plan after 4pm and expect it to be FedEx'd overnight. I'm good at binding reports quickly, but when the FedEx deadline is 4:30 and I have ten plans ahead of yours to get out by then, you're asking the impossible.

7. I don't check the printer. I don't know when the financial planning employees print plans, and I am too busy and work too far from the printer to check it on a regular schedule. If you want plans bound and sent out, you need to bring them to me. (See #1.)

8. Don't begrudge my break. I work as hard as you guys do, sometimes through lunch, and my scratch-off lottery ticket takes me ten minutes a day, and if I win, I tend to buy candy and stuff for my coworkers. Don't give me death glares as you walk by. (Besides, those of you giving me death glares aren't even in my department, ffs!)

9. I'm a jumpy person. It's my nature. I'm also aware of the tendency and used to jumping when someone is behind me. Don't apologize for it every day. I know you're trying to be nice, but really, it's fine.

10. Stapling envelopes is bad. Separating and stapling statements and questionnaires together is good.

10a. Sending full statements is good--I can't enter information that isn't there.
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I just heard a soft rock/lite jazz cover of The Doors' "Light My Fire". It was pretty terrible.

I just had to share, because LOL FOREVER.

Mensa RG!

Apr. 4th, 2011 07:47 am
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I was in Dayton this past weekend for a Mensa RG (Regional Gathering). It was awesome! I played some Double-Deck Go Fish Cancellation Hearts (DDCH), which sounds complicated, but is really easy to pick up once you're playing. I also played True Greed, a dice game created by none other than Queen Mary Lee herself, the Monarch of Region 3.

I also took some time out on Saturday to meet up with [personal profile] meretia! We went to a very good Irish pub, and a creepy little porn store, where we I bought some, ahem, fun things, and then I dragged the poor girl to the RG. I'm very proud of her, actually; she held her own quite well! She was tossing Discworld references and made good points on things, which I never would have done during my first RG. I think I'm going to try to convince her to test in Cinci, if she can afford to! That'd be AWESOME--my first Mensan recruit. :D

Then I went and worked a Hospitality shift, flirted with Mikey the Galley Slave, and watched one of my favorite couples box step to ABBA during the dance. :D

Then I slept! Until the fire alarm went off. And then I was cranky online for a few minutes, and then I went back to sleep.

Sunday morning was mostly uneventful, except that I made the mistake of telling someone that my possible new job (more details later) may be in investment banking... and he proceeded to lecture me on gold, gold shares, and the gold standard for 45 minutes or so. I think my eyes glazed over pretty bad, but I was polite.

And then was the goodbye ceremony and awards! And then, we left, and met up with a fellow Mensan for lunch at Denny's in Cambridge, OH, which was very nice. He actually works not too far from me, so I'm gonna convince him to meet me for lunch some time.

And now, I have to go to work. Sorry if this was rambly--I'm kind of tired from this weekend. I definitely hit the "peopled out" wall around 1 on Sunday, but it was totally worth it. :D


Apr. 3rd, 2011 03:07 am
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Theoretical conversation:

"Hey dudes, you know what would be hilarious? If we pulled the fire alarm and woke up the ENTIRE HOTEL FULL OF SLEEPING PEOPLE!"

"hurr hurr yeah"

So the fire alarm goes off, and Bill and I tramp down seven flights of stairs to get to the hotel lobby, only to find that it was a false alarm. We stand around and talk to a few other Mensans before heading back up to the hotel room, where I regale my roommates with the story of [personal profile] meretia and I going to the porn store after a nice Irish lunch at a little pub.

I think going to the porn store was far more amusing than being woken up by a fire alarm at 2:30 am.

I'm going to try and get some more sleep, but first, I had to bitch to you guys.

I'll do a proper write up of meeting [personal profile] meretia after I get home from Dayton.

Wooo, fire alarms are awesome! :/
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I will be away from the internet this weekend; I'm going to be in Dayton at a hotel that does not have free wifi.

Should you need to get a hold of me, my email address is cassildra at gmail dot com--my phone has an app for that--and I have my cell phone if you have the number.

Don't burn down the internets, y'all. We'll see if I have time to catch up on DW when I get back.
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Thanks for your concern about my health, everyone. I really appreciate the helpful comments I got on the entry before last.

My meds came in today, so tomorrow should be a return to what constitutes normal around here. :)
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[ profile] yuki_onna has written a book called DEATHLESS, which is, from what I understand, about fairies in Soviet Russia during the Stalinist era. I, obviously, cannot wait to get my greedy hands on this thing and DEVOUR IT. But with the way my work schedule is, I must wait for the audiobook, which comes out in a few days.


The awesomeness that is the physical book is out TODAY! If you have time to read physical books, might I suggest you pick up a copy? I've skimmed the first few chapters--available online for free!--and it's pretty amazing.

Be awesome. Support a struggling author. Buy the book.
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I am on the end of day 3 without my antidepressants, and it's been longer than that for the bipolar meds. Tomorrow will be day four.

I AM SO FUCKING MANIC THAT I DON'T KNOW HOW I WILL SLEEP. Someone come hit me with a rubber mallet.

God I hope I can function at work tomorrow better than I did today; the withdrawal has been.... really shitty, let's just say.

I've been spelling "withdrawal" as "withdrawl" and... I dunno.

I'm going to go finish reading links I have open and then go to bed. Night world! See you from Bruegger's tomorrow.
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A gay woman in Kansas, Emily, is fighting liver cancer and is paying $35 a day for medicines alone. Her best friend's sister, Ann, is raising money to help cover expenses. She's also offering a raffle of yarny goodness for anyone who donates over $10.

I can't afford to donate right now, but I can boost the signal. I'm sorry if you're on my Twitter and my Facebook and have now gotten this thrice, but my father is a survivor of cancer, and my family is rife with the stuff. This is something that could conceivably happen to me, assuming that I decide to reside in a domestic partnership with another lady instead of marrying a man, and end up with the nigh-inevitable cancer that I expect to get.
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I mean, I kick ass for a number of reasons, but tonight--tonight I am victorious, you see.

After not sleeping last night for some unknown reason, I woke up this morning and did not have a migraine, much to my surprise. This was excellent! So I got ready and trundled off to Bruegger's Bagels before work, had breakfast, got free coffee, and generally enjoyed messing with my iPod for 45 minutes.

I got to work around 8:30 and felt like I was going to throw up. I took my anti-nausea pill and prayed that it was the end of it. The head pain hit about an hour later, and then I decided to take my actual migraine meds.

The fucking thing finally broke around 3:30 this afternoon. I spent 75% or more of my day trying desperately not to throw up, and I succeeded. I managed to stare at a computer screen and run a binding machine for 6 hours while feeling like I wanted to puke and then cry like a baby.

I am awesome and full of win.

That is all.
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Hanging out with [personal profile] buongiornodaisy today. It's her birthday, and she suggested Starbucks and hanging out in South Side, and I haven't been to SS in ages, so I said yes. Plus, a chance to see my Frankie. :D

The day is going well so far~ I played some Kirby SuperStar Ultra, which is very cute, and very rockin'. I beat the game because I rule. :D I'd borrow the game, but I am very bad at returning stuff to people on time... ahem. Sorry to anyone I've borrowed from and not returned to yet.

ANYway. I'm going to go back to being semi-social. I'll talk to y'all later :D
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That noise you just heard was me squeeing. My first real fandom is back!

I remember sitting in study hall, trying to write Sailor Moon fanfic. Ah, my first ever fanfic attempt...

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