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Name:Telling lies for fun and profit!
Birthdate:Jan 5, 1985
My name is Nicki. I am 26 years old, disabled, and doing temp work.

I used to roleplay on Livejournal a good bit, but have fallen out of the habit.

I am currently exploring polyamory. Polyamory is not for everyone, and I will answer any questions as truthfully and as respectfully as possible. Respect me, and I will respect you. If you aren't, I will be forced to end our dialogue.

I have recently been re-introduced to Paganism. I started off as a fluffy bunny Wiccan, slowly became a more realistic one, and then slipped out of the lifestyle for a while while I was sickest. I am currently trying to find my niche in the Pagan community, as I've found that Wicca is not exactly my cup of tea. I believe in the Threefold Law, but I am not quite certain I should let things roll off my back the way a lot of Wiccans I've met believe one is supposed to. I am open to religious and spiritual discussion, but, as above, please be respectful.

I love to read. My favorite thing to read is non-fiction, preferably history, biography, true crime, and what Melvil Dewey called the "generalities". I read voraciously. I'll read whatever I can. I read less since I'm online so much, but I have been known to ignore the internet for a good book.

Once I have the finances, I'd love to go to college to become a librarian. I don't believe all of the naysayers who think that libraries are becoming obsolete. People are still too lazy to do their research until the last minute, and librarians are still that vital link in that research paper rush. Plus, there's nothing like holding a book in your hands. The Kindle and other similar devices are nice, but the smell of ink on a page is intoxicating to so many, myself included.

I have a generally negative view of humanity, but I tend to give everyone a chance. I'm big on second chances, but I do trust my gut instincts.

I try to stay upbeat and to be supportive, and I think I succeed, but this is my journal. This is where I come to vent about things. If you don't like that, well... why the hell are you on Dreamwidth, anyway?

I hate shipping wars, and will mock people mercilessly. I think a lot of fandom shit is retarded. I'm a proud member of fandom_wank over on JournalFen. I am opinionated, and I am stubborn. That doesn't mean I won't listen to what you have to say. I'll respect your opinions as long as you respect mine.

Want to know more? Message. Ask to add me.

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