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I am no longer employed at Target.

It's kind of a shock, but eh, it's probably for the best anyway. I didn't really like the job anyway. I still have AFMBE, so I can terrorize my players with zombies.
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So... I finally caved in. I did it. The temptation was too much, and I went broke for less than 24 hours doing it, but I am the happiest horror-gamer-chick alive. I bought AFMBE.

Those of you who know me, even a little bit, know about my obsession with zombies. I live in Pittsburgh, not too far from Monroeville Mall, for Deity's sake. Ghosts kind of strike me as tragic and not scary--always have, really--and vampires, mages, and werewolves are too ...political to be frightening. Zombies don't stop until they rot to pieces or are destroyed utterly. Zombies have no fear, feel no pain, feel no emotions... They are driven onward by their need to consume human flesh, to destroy the world as we know it, and to eat until they (sometimes literally) explode.

I am a happy geek today.

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